About Tim


I was bored. It is my typical answer when people ask me, why? Why are you making your own website? Why are you writing articles? Why did you make games?
Or here, my favorite. Why learn WebGL2 and linear algebra? For what? Just get a spinning cube on the screen?
It would be easier to download a ready-made model, connect the three.js library, and insert it where you need it.


But here's what's interesting. Doing things out of boredom gets me hooked.
Among other things, I am interested in:
Here's what I'm definitely not interested in:


Now a little about the boring stuff. That is, my education, what swamp did I come out of, and in general, who am I?
They called me Dima, Tim for friends, that's it; surname Chuduk; from Belarus.
For now I'm living in Minsk, I'm 23 years old.
Regarding education, official. I have a secondary, specialized degree in law. Yes, I’ve gotten far, I know ;) Since I didn’t become a lawyer and I didn’t want to, to be honest, now I’m studying search engine optimization, marketing, and website building.
I believe that the best way to learn is through practice. That's why you see this site now.
Dzmitry Chuduk or Tim the Webmaster

Where to start

Now I’ll briefly go through the sections of my site.


This category contains predominantly long-format content. I try to reveal the questions posed as voluminously and informatively as possible.


All tools on this site are implemented, either using JS only, or as Django applications written in Python. All tools that exist or will appear in the future are used by me personally and made for me and my tasteless eye. But if someone finds them useful too, I’m only glad.


The news on my website is purely personal. That is, they will be either about the site itself or about me. This is not a news portal.

Not good enough (yet)

There is also a category of cases and services , but they are either not brought to fruition or are simply empty for now. So don't judge harshly.
You can even find a registration and account login page. They are working, everything is as it should be, but so far they are of no use.

How to contact

You can contact me through my social networks:
Or a feedback form.

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