Rethinking website design. Trying to make it better

Rethinking website design. Trying to make it better

By “rethinking” I meant a complete redesign of the site. I don't know how trivial this task is for frontend developers, but for me, it's like making a whole new website. I've revisited approximately 50 CSS files, 200 images, and 10 JS files (ok, not so big, but still).

List of changes

So what exactly was changed for a website ?

And a much more... For example, change the button click animation or fix the translation.

Overall website changes

Side menu

This is the side menu before, back then it was on the right side and was not interactive.

Side menu of website | Tim the webmaster

And that's how it looks now. Now it's interactive and on the left side

Side menu of website | Tim the webmaster


Footer before

Footer of website before | Tim the webmaster

The footer became a little more sane, footer after

Footer of website after | Tim the webmaster

List of articles

The list of articles/posts will continue to improve. At least I'm going to replace infinite scrolling to pagination. Because, in my opinion, it is more understandable for a person (at least you see how long do you have left until the end) And for SEO and internal linking, it is preferable.


List of posts before | Tim the webmaster


List of posts after | Tim the webmaster


As I already understood, if you have your own website, this means that you have to constantly watch and improve it. And that's why your website's structure is vital.Upgrading a website can be easy or can become a nightmare.

So, because of this, think ten times before embedding a new feature on your website.

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