New improved design of website

New improved design of website

Home page designing is not as easy as writing posts. News about changing the design of my site. Namely the home page, post previews and a table of content generator has been added.

About home page of website

This is not just a landing page, but a main one. In my opinion, since the home page hardly attracts people from search, it should either be the ‘Face of the Site’ or a very advanced navigation page. In short, the page from which you can get to any other.

Home page before

Home page before redesign | Tim the webmaster

Home page after

Home page after redesign | Tim the webmaster

As you can see, in the first version I decided to focus on revealing the theme of the site. That is, what is it about, how the articles on it are divided.

In the new version, it was decided to get rid of all this and create interactive elements where the visitor can find out the latest news, articles and completed cases. I left only lists of services provided by me.

About post preview

Regarding article previews. I made the most basic and simple version. Most likely final. Although there are a couple of ideas for the project preview that gonna be changed for sure.

Preview before

Previews of posts before redesing | Tim the webmaster

Preview after

Previews of posts after redesing | Tim the webmaster

About generator of table of content

I also created a simple script that generates a navigation menu for quick navigation around the page. It can be found on the about and services pages.

Table of content

table of content v1 | Tim the webmaster

Of course, I have a little doubt about choosing a picture to display list items. Maybe it's brilliant, or maybe it's stupid and inconvenient. Will see.


In conclusion, I would like to accept one important fact.

Most likely, I will change the style of my site more than once. Until I find the one the most... special. Well, for now we have what we have.


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