I’ve published my blog or why is it so empty.

I’ve published my blog or why is it so empty.

Damn. It's so empty here! Yes, I’ve published my blog/portfolio website. And yes, it is empty. And it is not fun to read an empty blog. I know.

Basically, I had a choice: to publish a blog website with a large number of blog posts, but it was going to take some time to produce and maybe never have a sign of light on it. Or I can publish a blog about myself right now, and I will be sure that I’m not going to leave or abandon this project like many others before. I chose the second one.

In my opinion, it is much more fair to my guests and readers. Plus, until I start writing new articles and posts, the site is going to take some time (in the eyes of search engines like Google or Bing).

I do not want to ask myself, what this new blog is about or who the author of all of it is. All of these questions have been answered on the home page and on the author page. I just want to say that it should have been done many, many years ago.

But, honestly speaking, back then, I probably couldn’t create such a website or blog. Not enough skills and experience. Sure, you may say that you may use some website builders, free templates, or something similar. My answer will not be so obvious right now, but if you continue reading my articles and posts, I’m sure you will get it.

My whole thing is that I’m not choosing the easy way. It is always hard and confusing way to a solution. And I’m learning only those things and concepts that I like. For example, I think the best site for a blog is your own website, just because it gives you more freedom and opportunities.

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