Financial statistics parser from Yahoo


Stay up-to-date with the latest exchange rates.

This is a multi-purpose, customizable parser.

It contains the following functionality:.

  • Select categories for parsing.

  • Selecting the result output option

This parser collects data from Yahoo Finance through the API provided by the site.

The operating principle is based on dividing work into stages.

The first stage, preliminary. Saving all tools.

Second stage, parsing. Processing the received data and compiling it into result files.


  • Create a parser control interface

  • parse only the necessary categories from the site


At the very beginning, the functionality of the parser was defined. That is, choosing a category for parsing and a result file format.

While doing the work, to make this parser easier to maintain, it was divided into two informal parts. The first collects and saves all data from Yahoo, and the second parses it and saves the result.

It was decided to store the results in data/results/

And all intermediate results are in data/tools/


Sources can be viewed here.


You can download the script here.


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